Chase Tremaine will release his debut solo album Unfall on January 24, 2020, following thirteen years spent performing guitar, bass, drums, and background vocals for numerous artists throughout the Dallas and Nashville music scenes, ranging from pop-punk and hardcore to gospel and R&B. The ten songs that comprise Unfall, many of which were entirely written and performed by Tremaine, subtly display the influence and experience he gained across all those genres, while also maintaining a specific vision for what emo-pop can sound like moving into the 2020’s. As teased on lead single “Matter,” the album boasts massive harmonies, angular guitar riffs, and off-kilter drum beats that give each song a distinct flavor without standing in the way of each chorus’s catchy appeal. The Dallas-born, Nashville-based songwriter hopes his music can contribute to the growth and vibrancy of Nashville’s emo and punk scenes, and with tracks like the edgy “Humanizer” or the hard-hitting second single “Honest Tree,” his music can stand up next to the heroes and legends of those scenes.

Produced and mixed by Zach Lardy at the Berceuse Room in Antioch, TN
Mastered by Sean Power at the Hilson Studio in Antioch, TN
Published and copyrighted by Chase Tremaine

Full album lyrics and song-by-song credits can be read here.

1. Matter
2. Search for Myself
3. Worth the Wait
4. Programming the Soul
5. Counsel (The Help I Get)
6. Lonely Saints
7. Humanizer
8. Cave
9. Honest Tree
10. Unfallinlovewithable

Additional background info:
In late 2019, Chase ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising 129% of his original goal of $1,500, for Unfall to be printed in bulk on CD, rather than released digital/streaming only. The additional funds raised went towards creating an extensive lyric booklet for the CD release, with each song receiving a dedicated panel in the booklet. Chase hired a painter to create a unique backdrop for each page, giving each song a vibrant color and texture that matches its sound, style, and theme.

In keeping with his passion for community and collaboration, Chase crafted this seemingly “solo” album with the help of what he called the “Album Focus Group” — a collection of friends, musicians, and industry insiders — who helped him select which of his songs should be on the record and advised him in which songs needed re-working. Out of the nearly 20 song demos in consideration to be officially recorded and released, the Focus Group had a surprising amount of unanimity concerning which songs deserved to make the final cut. For example, most members agreed that “Programming the Soul” should be on the album and didn’t need any changes from its original version. However, some songs proved to be considerably divisive, such as “Humanizer,” which was a favorite to some and least favorite to others, prompting a series of lyrical updates to be made. Other songs made it through the process virtually unscathed (“Honest Tree”), while some songs are at times unrecognizable from their original demos (“Cave”). Meanwhile, with plenty of songs that didn’t make the cut for Unfall, alongside new songs being written all the time, Tremaine plans on releasing new sets of music every year, with his sophomore album due in early 2021.

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