Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums – Week 3

For the decade of the 2020’s, I plan on listening to approximately one album per week from Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. I will be posting my brief thoughts on each album here.

#498 – The Stone Roses by The Stone Roses

Silvertone, 1989

To be completely forthright, one of the main reasons I set upon this length venture was because of how rarely I find rock music that I enjoy from before the 2000’s. I’ve been subject to much ridicule over the years for my dislike towards / ignorance of classic rock, but it’s at these times that I lean most heavily into the “subjectivity” of art: I like what I like, okay?! Still, I recognize that there must be plenty of exceptions to my modernity-bias, and The Stone Roses is Win #1 for Rolling Stone’s list! The Stone Roses, which apparently launched the 90’s Brit pop movement, is a wonderful collection of pop-centric tunes that bothers with none(!) of the classic rock tendencies that are so off-putting to me. These are lovely, catchy tunes, with a rock band that truly understands how to create foundations for pop songs rather than disrupting the pop with explosions of rock. Songs like “She Bangs with Drums” and “Bye Bye Bad Man” are pop songs through-and-through, distilled to perfection, that merely happen to be performed by a rock band. I sincerely enjoyed this collection and hope to return to it in the future.

Author’s Note: The reason I created this website and write these articles stems from my belief that artists should support other artists, in the same way that art inspires art. My debut album Unfall is out now, and I’d love for you to hear it.

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