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I dream up conversations that’ll never take place / Get lost reliving memories that I cannot erase / Always trying to get settled in the unsettled.” Check out the latest single on Spotify.

Seasoned writer, guitarist, and drummer Chase Tremaine released his debut solo album Unfall in January 2020. Following a successful Kickstarter, an acclaimed album launch, and steady growth in momentum, Tremaine quickly returned to the studio to record his second studio album, Development & Compromise, released in November 2021, and his third, Accidental Days, due in early 2023.

Music and More

Chase’s solo music comes on the heels of 15 years spent playing guitar, bass, and drums for bands of various genres in Texas and Tennessee. Even now, he continues playing with other artists, collaborating on musical projects with his brother, wife, and friends, and writing personalized gift songs for customers and fans.

Alongside releasing at least one album of new music every year, Chase also contributes to multiple websites and online communities as a writer, editor, and podcaster. If you’re in the Nashville area, you might even run into him at cafes or concerts, where he actively aims to support the growth of the emo, punk, and hardcore scenes in the greater Nashville area.

Note from Chase: I plan on using this site to promote both my own music and the music of others by writing about albums, sharing my listening habits, reviewing concerts, and more. Recent posts are displayed below; and here is a listing of all posts.

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