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Relient K Discography – Ranking and Reviews

Relient K Discography – Ranking and Reviews

[This article is repurposed from a post originally published in September 2021; but if you enjoy my thoughts on Relient K's music, you can hear more in a recent podcast episode that's only available by signing up for the Friends Club.] As tends to be the case with...

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Have you ever wanted a song just for you?

The Song Shop

I have ten years of experience writing customized songs for people (usually commissioned as a gift for a loved one or to commemorate a special occasion), and it’s one of the most fulfilling ways I have ever used my skills as a songwriter. If you work with my song shop, you get to tell me what genre to write it (or what artist to emulate), you can collaborate with me on lyrics, and I will offer a full refund if you do not like the initial song demo. Click here to check out the price options, which I guarantee will be better than the rest of the market.


I just gave her the song and she loved it so much. Just wanting to thank you all again, you have a fan for life in myself and my wife. I really appreciate the hard work you all put in to make this possible.”

Ben T.
Song Shop Customer
(Requested in the style of Coldplay

What can I say…. that was absolutely fantastic. You took our idea and made it into something truly awesome.”

William M.
Song Shop Customer
(Requested in the style of The Ghost Inside)

“I love this. The lyrics are perfect. The song is better than anything I could imagine. You’ve been incredible to work with. Thank you for everything! I couldn’t have done this on my own!

Rachel G.
Song Shop Customer
(Requested in the style of Bryan Adams)


I love it, and so does she! She actually started crying, which is clearly the best reaction possible.”

Jared W.
Song Shop Customer
(Requested in the style of Motion City Soundtrack)