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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I get by joining the Friends Club?

As a member of the Friends Club, you will enjoy:

  • One new Friends Club-exclusive song each month (building to a full-length, members-only album every year)

  • Immediate access to all previous releases and early access to future releases

  • First dibs on physical products, with bare-minimum pricing and exclusive merchandise

  • Discounts on personalized songs, how-to tutorials, and other offers on

  • If desired, opportunities to write songs and record podcasts with me

  • Much more, including perks that are earned over time and a forum to request new perk ideas directly

Are you currently taking commissions for custom songs?

No, the song shop is currently closed (as of January 2024), but I plan to re-open the shop in mid-2024. In the meantime, consider joining the Club at, where members will receive discounted prices on custom songs.

Can I write a song with you?

Of course! Email me at and I will do my best to schedule a co-writing session with you in the near future. Please note that, under some circumstances, I might need to charge money for extended work on a song (such as producing the song demo, recording guest guitars/vocals, etc.), but in general, I would be more than happy to spend 1-2 hours trying to write a song with anyone who’s interested.

Why do you give away some of your music for free but not all of it?

The grand irony of my current business model is that the music I give away for free is also the music that cost the most to make (in particular, my three full-band studio albums, which cost over $10k each); meanwhile, the music that I charge money for is the music that I made at home, self-produced virtually for free (the homemade cover song albums, which cost $4 on Bandcamp, and the Friends-Club exclusive songs, which cost approximately $1 each, by way of a subscription model).

The reasoning for the free music is simple: I have poured countless hours and resources into my main studio albums not because I want to make a financial return on them but because I want the greatest amount of people to hear them, enjoy them, and benefit from them as possible, without the hindrance of money. And in a musical economy where most people will be discovering my music on streaming services virtually for free anyway, I like to make these albums available to people to properly own in the highest quality possible, so that (among other reasons) we do not become overly dependent upon these streaming services.

The reason that I charge $4 each for my homemade cover songs albums is due to a very specific set of copyright licenses that I am forced to purchase in order to legally sell or stream the cover songs that my wife and I record together. $4 was a carefully calculated pricing point that helps me recoup the costs of these licenses, so that I can release cover songs the proper way. That said, I have done my best to make the cost worth it by adding four bonus tracks to each collection, such that you will receive four otherwise unavailable songs when you pay $4 for the albums.

The reason that I charge money for the new songs which I am currently writing and recording exclusively for the Friends Club is … not really the proper way to gauge the worth of the subscription-based membership (“patron”) model. In my eyes, the amount you are paying is not supposed to be a one-to-one exchange for new music; rather, I view the subscription prices as a way to support me as an artist — a way to invest in me as a producer as well as a way to invest funds toward the recording of future big-budget studio albums. 

If we invited you onto our podcast, what would you want to talk about?

While I am most readily versed in discussing music (with experience hosting a Christian music podcast for 200+ episodes), there are many other topics for which I believe I would make a valuable guest:

  • Philosophy/Theology
  • Social Issues/Culturally Divisive Issues
  • Anime (especially Studio Ghibli, Attack on Titan, and Hunter X Hunter)
  • Star Wars (especially Episode VIII: The Last Jedi)
  • Movies/Film Studies (especially Pixar, old Hollywood musicals, the filmography of Paul Newman, or the directorial works of Noah Baumbach, Denis Villeneuve, Ingmar Bergman, David Fincher, and Spike Jonze)
  • The “Scene” of 2000’s emo, screamo, pop-punk, post-hardcore, and Christian rock/metalcore