From Accident to Purpose

Chase Tremaine’s career as a solo musical artist has been marked by happy accidents and unexpected developments, from his 2020 debut Unfall (German for “accident”) to 2024’s Unfall II. This first phase of Chase’s output as a “math/pop one-man-band” originated from a simple desire to record a few songs that he could share with friends and use as a résumé to book gigs as a guitarist, bassist, drummer, or co-writer. However, friends encouraged Chase to return to the studio to build those few songs into a full album — a debut met with such a warm welcome that Chase has consistently been recording and releasing music ever since.

Even Chase’s second and third albums came to be accidentally, considering both were originally intended to be brother-and-sister EP’s to Unfall, only to see those interconnected EP’s balloon into full-length projects with identities of their own. Now, Chase is closing the chapter on this era of songs with the release of Unfall II, an acoustic collection of sequel-songs which see Chase returning to musical and lyrical ideas from his debut, reimagining them through the daring lyricism and commanding vocal range that he has developed over the past half-decade.

All the while, what began with unintentional trajectories has birthed a strong sense of purpose within Chase as the years have drawn on: a desire to personalize art in a manner that shrinks the artist/consumer divide and allows art to foster community; a conviction that his music should always entertain, encourage, and edify; a willingness to give digital downloads away for free and sell physical products at-cost; and a passion to pursue art of the highest order, never willing to settle for cheap trends or supbar standards. Altogether, Chase is thrilled for this next phase of his career, as he’s writing some of his most exciting music yet while remaining open and ready to embrace whatever accidents and surprises might come next.

Professionally Recorded 50+ Original Songs

Chase released a new album every year from 2020 – 2023, playing most of the instruments himself

Written Dozens of Custom, Personalized Songs

Chase has a decade of experience turning your ideas into unique, special songs across many genres

Critical Acclaim

Chase’s albums have appeared on “album of the year” lists for critics at chorus.fm, JesusFreakHideout, IndieVisionMusic, and more

Credits & Behind-the-Scenes

Chase stays active across the music industry, with a steadily increasing list of credits co-writing, co-producing, and recording guitars for other artists

Why You Should Support Chase’s Cause

There’s a better way for artists and their listeners to provide support, to enrich each other’s lives, and to build meaningful relationships around the art – and it’s not by selling music.

Chase Tremaine is always looking for ways to mutually benefit the relationships between artists and their audiences, and his latest venture – the Friends Club (at friends.chasetremaine.com) – comes on the heels of many years of observation, learning from popular services across services such as crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo), patronage (Patreon), music stores (Bandcamp), and private online communities (Discord). The result of this research has brought Chase to a platform that will combine and streamline the best of these platforms while allowing Chase to continue doing two things he’s extremely passionate about: giving away his official studio music for free; and selling custom, personalized songs, made just for you.

The Friends Club is a place where you can create a direct relationship with Chase and likeminded music lovers, providing affordable support to Chase’s musical and educational efforts. For only $1 a month (or the recommended option of $10 a year), you can receive lifelong access to Chase’s music, commentaries, writings, courses, and more, while being given opportunities to write with him, record podcasts with him, discuss life and art with him and other club members, and much more. This is not about placing a paywall between Chase’s music and his listeners; instead, club members will be offered loads of exclusive recordings and song demos (at least one new song each month) in exchange for monetary support that will go towards (in this order):

  1. Breaking even on all the expenses of running an independent music business, buying new recording hardware/software, maintaining instruments, ordering CD’s/merchandise, and paying for ongoing education in home production skills (which will, in turn, steadily increase the quality of the home recordings and song demos created for members of the Friends Club);
  2. Saving money to put toward future studio albums – allowing the official follow-ups to Unfall, D&C, and Accidental Days to be of the highest caliber and largest scope possible (while still being given away for free); and
  3. Creating the possibility for Chase to someday cease working a conventional, full-time job in order to devote more time and resources toward art, community building, and volunteerism, while still providing the necessary financial support for his family.

In other words, joining the Friends Club is not primarily a financial exchange for goods – but if viewed on those economic terms, you would be receiving far more than your money is paying for, with access to abundant amounts of free music, member exclusives, resources, and discounts on other services (including custom songs). Rather, joining the Club is, first and foremost, a vote of confidence in an artist: a small (yet potentially longterm) monetary commitment to support the ongoing growth, education, fundraising, and overall artistry of Chase Tremaine.