Clubcast 012. One-Hit Wonders, Golden Oldies, & “Philia” with Dottie Tremaine (AKA My Mom)

Published On May 22, 2024 
by Chase Tremaine
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You heard from my dad in episode 8, and now you get to hear from my mom – and like that episode, we go through a sprawling musical biography of all the artists and hit songs my mom loved growing up, as well as how they affected me as a kid being raised on the “golden oldies” of her teenage years. The first 50 minutes of the episode includes my conversation with Dottie, followed by the very old, long-forgotten Chase Tremaine song from back in 2010 titled “Philia.” The song plays at the end of the episode, but I would recommend instead that you watch the music video for “Philia” on Vimeo. That being said, the final 25~ minutes of the episode is an extended bonus section providing the details and stories behind the specific references and inside jokes littered throughout “Philia”‘s lyrics.

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