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Published On January 27, 2024 
by Chase Tremaine
Would you be interested in becoming a supporter of Chase’s writing, music, and other productions? Join the Friends Club, and in return, you’ll receive all of Chase’s albums, new members-only songs every month, opportunities to meet Chase and discuss music, art, and life with him and other likeminded music lovers, and much more!

At the end of January 2024, I finally launched the brand new, start-from-scratch version of chasetremaine.com, after months of being offline and working on getting this new library of pages and link ready for you. So without further ado, welcome!

Besides a better layout and more user-friendly interface, there are a handful of new features I want to make sure you know about:

  • Album pages that include all the lyrics and credits to each song, as well as easy links to access the album on your streaming platform of choice.
  • Contact form integration where you can reach me directly and/or easily sign up for my monthly stories newsletter (where I provide exclusive stories, song premieres, discounts, and more).
  • A connected storefront (friends.chasetremaine.com) where all my albums can be downloaded for free and where future offerings will be made available, such as e-books, personalized songs, editorial/writing services, how-to tutorials, and more.

The only downside to the website’s relaunch/redesign is that all previously published articles and blogs have become inaccessible. So for the remainder of 2024, my plan is to post one new article every week AND to re-publish a weekly article from old iterations of my websites.

The other big news is that, on friends.chasetremaine.com, you can join the beta year of my latest venture, the Friends Club. I’ll be posting more about the Friends Club here in the coming days, but here’s the short of it: I’m pulling together my favorite aspects of Bandcamp, Patreon, Discord, Twitch, and Kickstarter, with hopes of creating the most fun, fruitful, and affordable version of the “patronage” model which has become so popular in recent years.

Head to friends.chasetremaine.com now to read the quick sales pitch – or come back here next weekend to read about the Friends Club in greater detail.

Thank you for being here!

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The Friends Club is where I connect with my listeners, provide all of my music for free (including new members-only songs every month), and offer discounts for all of my other services, including writing and recording custom/personalized songs. Come join the fun!

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